Questions you should ask every Catering service before your wedding - Diplomat Catering

Food and beverages reduce most of your wedding budget, so it is extremely important to choose the right food for your investment to be worth it. Before signing a contract for the Katering service, list the questions that will ease your choice and realization of an unforgettable wedding.

Questions you need to ask before choosing the wedding service for the wedding day:

# 1: What services are included?

When you are looking for a unique service, it is important to know what you will benefit in return for the cost you will pay. Beyond food, what extra services are included in the payment? Such aspects, such as: water service and quality selection of refreshment or alcoholic beverages contribute significantly to the overall experience of the organized event. The Catering Diplomat takes care to offer, in addition to a special menu, the appropriate drinks for every age-old tastes.

# 2: What services are not included?

Just as important as knowing what you are paying for is also knowing what is not included in the predetermined price. Various services cover various services. Cake, cutting and serving or sampling may not be included, so before you meet with the representatives, think what services are essential for the most important day of your life. You may need to select someone else for the extra requirements that arise when approaching the wedding day.

# 3: Where to cook food

Switching the kitchen from one environment to another is not easy for several reasons:

Food is transported from one environment to another, losing its nutritional value
The service coincides with extra costs, as all staff are dedicated to a single event and is relocated from a permanent work environment to an unknown environment

Catering’s many years of experience has made it possible to overcome any obstacles and provide differentiated services in the market.

# 4: What are the ingredients that should prevail on the table?

Before you start meeting Cathering’s representatives, decide whether you are willing to pay extra for premium ingredients, which may be the season’s trend. Seasonal ingredients are not necessarily more expensive, but many of the catering services try to justify spending with ingredients that cost. Therefore, your requirements and Katering’s offerings should be listed, so that the tables are in accordance with the desired standards.

# 5: How many weddings have the selected organizers previously held?

New wedding organizers are not necessarily a bad choice; they can bring a new energy to your wedding and, usually, at a lower cost. But long organizational experience creates opportunities many times greater that your wedding day remains long in memory. Therefore, the organizers of your choice should be acquainted with your every request, and in the end receive a well-deserved praise.