• What are the events that should be practiced in the Catering service, before any other service
  • Are you planning to arrange an event to impress your guests? The Katering Diploma, in addition to the selected menu, reveals to you what are the 3 events that are necessary for the katering service.
  • First make it easy since food and service will no longer be the central issue of your holiday if you are looking to arrange one of the following events:


Already in our country has become the tradition of realizing a great reception for the baby that will be born day by day. Every mother, during her sweet baby’s reception, wants to host an unforgettable celebration of welcome. Young mothers have clear ideas about the holiday they want, but often their realization exerts strenuousness and tension. Decoration of the environment, food, guest list … these and many others create an inappropriate situation for young parents. Diplomat Catering has created a menu selected in full compliance with the effect of unbearable reception, such as the birth of a child.


Wedding is the event that involves the largest number of guests compared to other events. As you may think, food plays an important role in such organizations, referring to the typical expression of the Albanians at the end of the wedding: “FOOD WAS THE LEFT GIRLS” or vice versa, “FOOD WAS COPE-COPE, AS A WATER A FIRST WEEK “… With the quality service of Diplomat Catering, the expression of a poor consideration for wedding food is never possible since the maximum dedication of the staff and the freshness of the food has taken pride and perfection from day to day!


For organizing various corporate events, a trusted partner is needed to cover Katering’s service, as such events require perfection in every detail. For years, Diplomat Catering has created, designed and managed every event, from private business meetings to conferences of a wider scale. For a corporate event, Katering’s service is an essential service, so we have managed to deliver dignified food presentations, according to the personalized requirements of our trusted and trusted partners.

By partnering with Diplomat Catering, you get what you want, and most importantly, when you need it.