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Food? Here are the guidelines that make it easy to organize your event

Food? Here are the guidelines that make it easy to organize your event

When you decide to plan a long-awaited event, the main question that comes to mind is: “SAFETY MUST BE POROSIS”. This is because all the holidays have lunch or dinner, and imagine what happens when the guests are disappointed with the food you have selected !!!

To avoid this embarrassing situation, Diplomat Catering helps you with some guidelines that will make you realize an unforgettable event.

# 1: Plan how many guests are going to be present

We all know that the number of guests is never included in the initial list because that number varies from moment to moment; one can suddenly come up; someone else chooses to associate with someone who is not included in the list etc … therefore, the situation must always be under control.

The method that “DIPLOMAT CATERING” uses is quite efficient. Preparation of the menu has been followed by a principle: CALCULATION OF MINIMUM AND MAXIMUM CALCULATION, +/- 10 PERSONS

# 2: Determine the age group of guests

Different age groups have different preferences as well as different eating capacities. If the party you are going to arrange is a baby’s birthday, you should be aware that children are attracted to sweets and are endowed with misuse and confusion. Big age groups, are part of your event have more sophisticated flavors, and for this you need to look up to the details.

For all this, the “Diplomat Catering” has been designed, offering you personalized menus tailored to any event.

# 3: Identify guest tastes

When organizing a certain event, the final goal of each of us is: Invitations to leave with the best impressions regarding organization, especially food. To achieve this, two main elements must be considered:

Choose the most named services of Catering
Identify the tastes of relatives save
The latter will help you manage the costs and misuse of the served food, while at the same time making the guests look forward to the next organization!


  • What are the events that should be practiced in the Catering service, before any other service
  • Are you planning to arrange an event to impress your guests? The Katering Diploma, in addition to the selected menu, reveals to you what are the 3 events that are necessary for the katering service.
  • First make it easy since food and service will no longer be the central issue of your holiday if you are looking to arrange one of the following events:


Already in our country has become the tradition of realizing a great reception for the baby that will be born day by day. Every mother, during her sweet baby’s reception, wants to host an unforgettable celebration of welcome. Young mothers have clear ideas about the holiday they want, but often their realization exerts strenuousness and tension. Decoration of the environment, food, guest list … these and many others create an inappropriate situation for young parents. Diplomat Catering has created a menu selected in full compliance with the effect of unbearable reception, such as the birth of a child.


Wedding is the event that involves the largest number of guests compared to other events. As you may think, food plays an important role in such organizations, referring to the typical expression of the Albanians at the end of the wedding: “FOOD WAS THE LEFT GIRLS” or vice versa, “FOOD WAS COPE-COPE, AS A WATER A FIRST WEEK “… With the quality service of Diplomat Catering, the expression of a poor consideration for wedding food is never possible since the maximum dedication of the staff and the freshness of the food has taken pride and perfection from day to day!


For organizing various corporate events, a trusted partner is needed to cover Katering’s service, as such events require perfection in every detail. For years, Diplomat Catering has created, designed and managed every event, from private business meetings to conferences of a wider scale. For a corporate event, Katering’s service is an essential service, so we have managed to deliver dignified food presentations, according to the personalized requirements of our trusted and trusted partners.

By partnering with Diplomat Catering, you get what you want, and most importantly, when you need it.


Spectacular ideas for summer wedding food, Do not give up on them

Spectacular ideas for summer wedding food, Do not give up on them

Over 70% of couples choose the summer season to organize their wedding. Their desire to realize the wedding of dreams in such a season relates to the sun and the sea. A wedding party along the coast is fabulous, so new couples are pushing for this selection.

If we refer to food, which occupies an incredibly important place in organizing events, it must be the “point on” of your caring for such a special day. After dressing, food is what the guests attach to the greatest importance.

After consulting with the biggest wedding organizers, Diplomat Catering has identified some excellent ideas for wedding ceremonies, which are organized during the summer.

Cold drinks accompanied by ice

Welcome to the guests with cold drinks. This is the perfect choice to show their care. Nothing is more appropriate than a cold (alcoholic or no) drink in the summer season. The Katering Diploma, in addition to fresh foods, has been distinguished for the variety of beverages, tailored for every age group and served as cold as any event deserves.


This summer’s trend in wedding foods breaks any kind of “traditional” rule. Do not be surprised to see the Barbecue foods in the festive wedding setting since the year 2018 fuses strange menus. What is important remains the festive atmosphere that is created on the happiest day of a couple. The menu is in your hand. Traditional, modern or combined, you are the one you choose.


We have learned that in a wedding setting, the wedding cake is a cake that challenges all the other sweets. But this summer brings us something different and special. Calm the atmosphere with pastry gardens, symbolizing your wedding with a princess wedding. For the variety of cakes catering to the Catering Diplomas, you just need to get acquainted with the notorious ideas for this summer.


Why you should choose the Buffet service, to any other food service

Why you should choose the Buffet service, to any other food service

Often, the main organizers of the feast became responsible for choosing food servicing, facing two possible alternatives: dining-room, where the guests are self-serving and the second alternative, the traditional form of food; same plates for all guests. Referring to the long experience in catering for various events, Diplomat Catering lists some of the main benefits of Buffet Food.

That’s why Buffet service is the trend of recent years:


One of the greatest benefits of the Buffet service is the ability to select from a variety of foods. Eating uniforms, with the same plates for each guest, limits them to choice. No one better than the individual knows what his favorite tastes are, so the choice between the variety of foods that he serves creates the guests the freedom and delight of enjoying the menus.


If you want to create as much atmosphere and socializing among guests, consider choosing a buffet service, instead of ready-made meals on each of them. With ready meals served on their plates, people tend to stay alone at the table until their consumption, while the Buffet service gives them the opportunity of recognizing, communicating and socializing between them as they go to food .


Ready meals served at the guest’s desk do not take into account appetite and individual tastes, and in the end, the discontent among them will be great, without overlooking the un-consumed food, wasted. By selecting their own meals, guests create their own dish without being forced to eat something they do not like.


The dispersed food that makes it possible to choose, is far more economical than a uniform food for each guest. By giving them freedom of choice, you better calculate the costs of food that will be consumed and the possibility of misuse is smaller, also in this case eliminates the cost of staff serving because it is provided self-service. The menus made available by Katering Diplomas, take away the stress of a long preparation, and guarantee quality and cost-effective.


Each of us has friends who, for one reason, do not prefer certain foods. For example: A faithful friend of yours can not consume meat inappropriate; a vegetarian friend of yours does not prefer any grams of meat on his plate. How can we act in such cases to avoid dissatisfaction? For everything Catering Diplomas have been thinking of, creating separate and separate menus for each guest category. In our menus, no one is excluded, because we think of all the guests.

Table trends

Table trends

Communal dishes and meals have all the rage this season. Separation really is prudent. More and more wedding guests are enjoying the meals together on long dining tables where food is brought directly to the table, so guests can never leave their home. “Past are the days of three dinners, now is the time for tastings, small tiles and family style services,” says Courtney Isaac, the top event designer at Waters Fine Catering. “Family style turns each table into a community by splitting and exchanging beautiful tasty dishes and treats as they appear,” she adds. It is also more sociable, allowing guests to mix, mix, and keep the conversation going into a pleasant and relaxing environment. Bonus: no waiting on long lines of buffet! Part-controlled proteins, chips, abundant berries like quinoa, and colorful salads are all the best betting bets. (Avoid hot dishes that could pose a risk of passing).