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If you are planning to arrange your child’s birthday party, this is the menu you need

If you are planning to arrange your child’s birthday party, this is the menu you need

All the kids are worshiped and are looking forward to the birthday party. Combining good organization and delicious food, you will be able to return your child’s birthday to a wonderful holiday. Narrow friends, animators, color balloons, all these give color to your holiday, but what makes the difference is certainly food.

In Catering Diplomat we attach special importance to this part. For us, the size of your holiday or theme, whether a company anniversary or a children’s holiday, does not matter what we have priority is always to cook delicious and quality food.

It is a known fact that children are very selective about what they eat. They like foods that look familiar, especially when they are in unfamiliar environments for them.

When you contact us or visit the Diplomat Catering web site at Social Events, you can get to know the Menu for your Children’s Holiday.

Children prefer Finger Food foods, precisely because they can take them on their own. They can easily carry them while enjoying the activities offered at their party.

One of the available options you will notice in our menu are Mini Pizzas, Chicken Crackers with Foil Pillows, Broom with Sesame, Creamy Ham and Philadelphia Cream. They are full of flavors and colors.

Children express a great love for sweets, so be sure to select cakes from the children’s menu. Who would not get the various crepes, or pancakes with nutella, forest fruits and bananas.

Particular attention is also paid to the appearance of products. We make them attractive and beautiful shapes as close to the children’s world. It often finds Micky Mouse pancake, smile sandwich etc.

When children are happy and ready to eat without the supervision of their parents, then you can enjoy the relaxed holiday.

If you plan to organize your child’s birthday, or include a children’s menu at your event, we invite you to contact us and get to know the many opportunities we offer you. Varied menu ranging from 700 ALL / person.