Spectacular ideas for summer wedding food, Do not give up on them - Diplomat Catering

Over 70% of couples choose the summer season to organize their wedding. Their desire to realize the wedding of dreams in such a season relates to the sun and the sea. A wedding party along the coast is fabulous, so new couples are pushing for this selection.

If we refer to food, which occupies an incredibly important place in organizing events, it must be the “point on” of your caring for such a special day. After dressing, food is what the guests attach to the greatest importance.

After consulting with the biggest wedding organizers, Diplomat Catering has identified some excellent ideas for wedding ceremonies, which are organized during the summer.

Cold drinks accompanied by ice

Welcome to the guests with cold drinks. This is the perfect choice to show their care. Nothing is more appropriate than a cold (alcoholic or no) drink in the summer season. The Katering Diploma, in addition to fresh foods, has been distinguished for the variety of beverages, tailored for every age group and served as cold as any event deserves.


This summer’s trend in wedding foods breaks any kind of “traditional” rule. Do not be surprised to see the Barbecue foods in the festive wedding setting since the year 2018 fuses strange menus. What is important remains the festive atmosphere that is created on the happiest day of a couple. The menu is in your hand. Traditional, modern or combined, you are the one you choose.


We have learned that in a wedding setting, the wedding cake is a cake that challenges all the other sweets. But this summer brings us something different and special. Calm the atmosphere with pastry gardens, symbolizing your wedding with a princess wedding. For the variety of cakes catering to the Catering Diplomas, you just need to get acquainted with the notorious ideas for this summer.