His and her cocktails - Diplomat Catering

You like gin. He likes tequila. Six micologists tell you how to personalize a drink. Cheers!

HERS: The gentle lady

Mix Hendricks Gin, St. Germain, Bitter Peychaud, lemon, grapefruit juices and raspberries as well as cucumber slices. Trazz and strain; add the garnish.

HIS: Dear Sir

Scotch Strain Knob Creek bourbon, Luxardo amaretto, and Bénédictine liqueur in a glass of glass; add an orange slice.

HERS: Pretty in Pink

This cocktail contains vodka, vermouth Carpano, fresh crispy apple juice, beer, ginger and pink ginger.

HIS: Tuxedo Tonic

Mix together whiskey whiskey, fruity passion printed, mint and grated soda.

HERS: Lady Lay

Champagne, fermented beverages with raspberry and ginger juice, poured in a soda bottle with a flash of lightning.

HIS: Old Fashion

Bourbon, Sugar, and Bitter – a classic drink for the classic boy.

HERS: Peas on a pod

A cocktail for lovers of veggie! Combine fresh peas, lemons, sugar and vodka.

HIS: Not me Ferrnet

The bridegroom version features leaflets of vodka, Fernet Branca and ginger beer.

HERS: True Love Kiss

This light drink has juicy fruit juice, Lillet Rouge, gin, and floral flavors.

HIS: Soft embrace

Scotch is mixed with Lillet Blanc, peaches, Bénédictine liqueur and Bitter Angostura.