"All in White", Enduring Details - Diplomat Catering

Proper hospitality is the omen of a well-organized organization!

At the entrance was positioned a white dressed girl who welcomed every guest. The elegance and the smile were a welcome greetings for the guests, who numbered up to 800. The care shown for the smallest detail made the Assistant’s 2nd anniversary the most accomplished event of the year.

A detail not to be missed was the picture angle. Each guest was part of the corner so that he could leave his footsteps at the event. To enliven the atmosphere and to fill it with comics, the organizers had made available to the participants many funny elements, suitable for different characters. Realizing the photos was one of the funniest moments, but the surprises just started …

The dress code assigned to the guests harmonized with the decor designed in the smallest detail. In the Royal Hill villa everything seemed stunning. The participants wandered with cold appetizers in their hands and celebrated with each other. The joy and tastes of the atmosphere seemed clear on their faces. The schedule of the organization was the ideal, as the sunset waved in the pool left the evening spot with the moon in the background. Mixing the décor with the glittering moon offered a magical night.

Food ?! I do not think there are words that describe how much I enjoyed that evening’s meals. Each table looked like an art gallery … The meals of the food served and the skill of cooking were at the highest standards from what I had seen before. If at the beginning of the event my attention was drawn to the decor and the atmosphere, but after serving me, I had totally lost … Never before had I been surprised in such a way. The church wandered through the variety of menus and music in the background.

The whole organization, starting with the décor, the food and the music, kept the seal of Diplomat Catering!

If you are looking for organizers who run your 360 ° event, “Diplomat Catering” is the right one, without question.